Working towards meeting
Many people put up a lot of outright lies in their profiles. They will lower their age, reduce their weight and post old pictures of themselves or even pictures of someone else. Expect people to tell you the positives and skip any negatives such as physical limitations, handicaps or even diseases. Be aware the Internet is full of Fakes. If somethig gets you thinking or gives you a little worry this may be what is called a “Red Flag” and you should be warry.
 At the same time be reasonable in your expectations. You will not find Lindsey Lohan or Jenna Jameson through the website personals. You are not perfect and do not expect perfection. Only perfect for each other. 
 Be careful how much personal information you reveal. While most people arewhat they claim, many are theives, scammers or more dangerous criminals who are their to prey on others. Do not be a victim! Do not fall into the trap of people who state if you do not tell them personal information, then you are not real.
 It is a good idea to save all correspondence and refer back to it if needed. You might find at some point a fake will state they are an executive for a bank in one message and a doctor in another.
 For communicating by phone it is recommended to get a pay as you go cell phone (Tracfone, Virgin Mobile, etc.) or a Internet service like Skype so if the person causes problems on the phone you can easily change numbers. This also allows you another level of privacy until you actually meet in person.
 Always meet in a public place. It is never recommended to meet at your home or work place. If you are alone it may also be a good idea to tell a friend where you are going and who you are meeting. Some single women actually will meet at a restaurant and have a friend sit at another table. Always keep a cell phone with you.
 If you meet the person and they are not what they claim do not extend the date if you lack interest. It is best to be upfront and say that it will not work out. It can be dangerous to give a false impression.