They call your home or even business and tell you they are from, ¬†”associated” or working for Microsoft or another computer company. They tell you, they have been seeing critical errors or a virus coming from your computer and need to help you fix it. It then can go in one of two directions:

1) They ask you to go to a website and click on a link. This then flashes some things on your computer like it performed some repair (which it did not at all) and then asks you to sign up for a service agreement to keep your computer running smoothly.

2) They ask you to go to a website and click on a link. Some error messages appear on the screen but then reports that your warranty on your PC or Windows has expired and there will be a cost to repair it.

3) They ask you for your credit card number or bank account number to pay for their services to fix the issues.

All of these are Scams! Microsoft or any other company does not monitor your computer. Even if you did have issues they would not know it, nor would they contact you. These companies are Liars who are in no way looking to fix your PC. They just want to steal your money. If you get one of these calls, simply hang-up! Do not trust your Caller-ID no matter what it says as it can be phonied. Unfortunately there is no way to track these Liars. What many people do is just tell them you do not own a computer and hangup. That way they will probably not call again. Some people who have had conversations report they get calls again with the same Scam, different caller.