Computer users may receive pop-up security warnings that state their computers are infected with numerous viruses.
These pop-ups warnings are known as scareware. The fake or rogue, sometimes dangerous anti-virus software look authentic and may even display what looks like real-time scanning of the hard drive for viruses and malware.

The scareware is designed to intimidate and is aggressive in trying to get the user into purchasing the rogue software. The claim is that the purchased software will remove the viruses from their computer. Users may receive these threats from clicking on advertisements contained on a website or from malwae.

Users will notice that they have trouble removing the pop-up messages. The user will get a form to purchase the software if they click on the pop-up message. Sometimes the scareware will install other dangerous software onto the computer. By purchasing the fake anti-virus software, the user may find their credit card is used by the scammers or they become the victim of identity theft. After the fake anti-virus software is purchased the user may find other dangerous software or additional viruses, malware or keyloggers being installed on their computer.

Make sure your computer ha updated and working anti-virus software.
If a user receives these anti-virus pop-ups, it is recommended to close the browser or shut the system down. It is suggested that the user run a full, anti-virus scan whenever the computer is turned back on.

If you require good free (for personal use) Anti-virus we recommend:
AVG Anti-virus.