Viruses, Spyware & Malware
These type of problems are types of software that can collect your personal information from your computer without your knowledge. It can keep a record of which websites you have visited. They can also log information like usernames & passwords, credit card numbers and bank information. The worst part is they usually will then transfer this information to a third party. Often the software will do things like constantly pop-up ads or monitor private information being typed.

They are downloaded from sites you have visited. They may also install themselves when you have downloaded another software program. It is important to read the FINE PRINT of any software user agreement that you mut accept before installing or downloading a software program. The fine print may state that you agree to install another not so friendly software program.

Symptoms that yur computer is infected with a virus, spyware or maleware:

•Continuous pop-up advertisements often porn or for an anti-virus program you nver heard of
•Hijacked browser — A browser that sends you to websites that are not what you intended
•Change in your browser’s default home page
•New toolbars in your browser
•New icons on the system tray at the bottom-right
•Error messages that repeat
•Very slow performance when launching programs or saving files

Virus & Worms
A virus is a sotware program that spreads from computer to computer. It can spread through shared disks, thumb drives or iles. A worm is like a virus but it is self-contained and does not need to be part of another program to circulate itself.

Always make sure you have a working and up-to-date Anti-virus program.
We recommend AVG Anti-virus which can be downloaded for free for personal use.
For removing Spyware and Malware we recommend downloading another free program called Malwarebytes.